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Happy On The Inside
she's not so well today
in her head.
but you'll see her tomorrow
and she'll be trying to forget today
for silly reasons
like that she shouldn't feel any other way
but happy every day.
because really, what's bad in her life?
not much in the end.
not enough to cry really.
not really.
not at all.
:iconmeghan-solo:meghan-solo 7 8
i have searched maps, road signs,
songs, hearts. i have opened my eyes
and my hands to the rain, fairytales
singing in my ears. i have closed my eyes
and let my nightmares and demons
find me, i have
screamed on the insides, heart
barely beating. i have dreamed
of my own destruction, whispered
into the silence, prayed for the answer -
could i ask you for one last favor?
when you're sad, remember the way
i would hug you. when you're laughing,
remember that my laughter doesn't sound
the same without yours. when you're lonely,
remember that i tried to fill your empty spaces. remember
that i'd fall for you if it saved you from the
scratches, remember the color of my eyes,
remember the sound of my breathing. remember
the good and the bad, remember the secrets
and the inside jokes and the songs we listened to.
remember all the things we understood
without ever saying, remember
that i love you.
and please,
remember me.
i have forgotten how to fall asleep
without the pitter-patter o
:iconamertie:Amertie 302 256
dear self,
tomorrow is not worth waiting for.
sure, there will be sunshine (with
a slight chance of rain) and sure,
some kid will be smiling, and yes,
life is still
but it's not like anyone cares.
you just want someone to love you,
misery and tears and all. maybe you
could spend saturdays curled up
under the covers, memorizing
the patterns of breathing. maybe
you could count the seconds but
the problem is that there would never
be enough, the problem is that
there's nothing there to love.
no one is listening.
i'd write you a letter, but
you'd never read it. i'm stuck
screaming into my own heart,
wondering if anything is in there
anymore, wondering if
this is even worth it.
wake up, self.
wake up.
you want to force fingers
down your throat just to cause
self-destruction, you want
to suffocate yourself (it's
easier than breathing), you want
to sleep and never wake up, you
want to find your dreams and destroy
every one of them.
you want to die.
i understand.
:iconamertie:Amertie 652 458
cette fois.
sun down
always meant guard down
which always meant
an open invitation for the memories
     usually blocked and hidden
to come weaving their way back into my dreams
nights where my heartbeats matched the
     tick tock
     tick tock
     tick tock
of that clock you never got around to fixing
it eternally sits
stuck at 4:16
must've been the point when
time stopped
   we stopped
      you stopped
          needing me
sun up
time's up
clock still stuck
yet somehow
still making that
     tick tock
     tick tock
     tick tock
pinned in one place
trying desperately to make up the pace
from sun down
to sun up
:iconpinociette00:Pinociette00 1 2
chasing a breeze.
you are reminiscent of wind.
silent, maybe a ghost
until you're screaming
through the cracks. i am silent
as the weight of you breaks me, like
a power line that's lost its magic.
you were always hard to handle,
almost impossible
to contain, we have more chance
of catching a breeze
than tying you down.
i jumped, parachute in hand, and
watched the colors of the world
fall with me, spinning and diving.
i prayed for you to fill my parachute
and keep me from crashing,
but you never did.
the colours blended
into one shade of red
as i hurtled to oblivion
and you chose just
the right moment
to be silent.
i'm left empty,
hollow. there is no music
left in me, no magic,
no feelings. there is only
the cold of my tears and
the holes in my bones, and i dream
of waking up.
but dreaming
can't destroy the night terrors
and the cold sweats.
dreaming can't trap your winds
or bring you to me again.
i beg, scream, whisper
until my voice is ripped
and my soul is dry,
but you are only silent.
:iconamertie:Amertie 120 120



United States
Time for something new, eh?

Current Residence: Pennsylvania.
Favourite genre of music: Indie. Acoustic. Rock.
MP3 player of choice: Ipods, though they don't run the best.
Personal Quote: WWJD...what would Jared do?
I'm lost.

I can't even explain it.

But, I'm lost.

What do I make of where I am?


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