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Random Favourites

dig deeper in yourself.
but what if i find nothing?

only me.
there are no dreams, no sledgehammers,
no words, no human
strong enough to break down
the wall i've built
inside of me.
the only one who can
is me.
i need a change.
there is a world
of things undiscovered,
hiding in empty spaces
and heartbeats.
find me, please,
it says.
find me.
i say:
i'll try.
i go to stadiums
hoping that i'll get lost
in the sounds,
the voices and shouts and
screams, until i'm not afraid,
not sad. not me. until i'm only
and then, maybe,
things will be alright.
and so far, i have found
trees dead in winter,
fog-filled dreams,
ice melting and day
do you think i'll ever find hope and
in myself?
you won't know
until you look.
:iconamertie:Amertie 58 119
The Yellowiest December
She was atheist and
he was a painter who
believed in everything
and the world, the glories
it held, endless fountains of
knowledge to be obtained.
"It's an amazing situation,"
he mused, running his hands
through her red hair.
She believed in asbestos,
that it was her favorite
color and he believed that she
needed more things to believe in.
He ate cranberry sauce while she
read him poetry about cats and disciples
and classical compositions and the
relevance in it all. It
was all he could do to say, "Wow,"
staring at the sky, effusion of clouds
draining, pouring out before dispersing.
Her blue flower dress smelt of
chamomile and tulips and she wore a
yellow chrysanthemum in her hair, his
head rested in her lap, her breathing
so soft.
Flash cards and timer reminders on
PDA's kept him remembering every
little nuance. "This cupcake is in
celebration of the fifth time
I kissed you and made you blush."
She blushed again before becoming
flustered. A mental note, Twenty-fifth
time, blushed.
:iconscribblednotes:ScribbledNotes 110 70
I picked a bunch of flowers for you, you said they were ugly and threw them on the ground. You said they were plain boring and the same as all the other flowers, he only liked things that were different. He was right, so I took them home and put them in my closet so they would rot. 1 week later I took them out and gave them to him. Like my eyes, they were black and shattered. He loved them.
I asked him if he loves me and he said I am to plain. I agreed with him and went home, that night I cut my chest just to colour myself. He loved it, he said I was beautiful.
But where are his cuts and bruises? Or have I got enough for the both of us?
:iconfairycatcher-jessica:fairycatcher-Jessica 70 95
Enlightenment.. Kai's past
Throughout the whole night, she couldn’t sleep and stop thinking about her son. Lying next to her was her husband, who woke up from her constant movement.
“Maria, will you just sleep and stop worrying about that kid?” he said in annoyance.
“What if he’s not sleeping...,” she said, and quickly rolled off the bed.
“Maria…” he said, and grabbed her gown.
“Adrian!! You’ve seen what he did there. Who knows if he’s going to attempt it again!!”
“Hey! This is not the first time is it??” Maria quietly stood still, shaking a bit.
“And…whose fault is that?”
“Oh my god, not this again!”
Maria and Adrian were parents of four kids. They fought like this occasionally because their family was always under stress due to financial issues and Adrian being an alcoholic. They lived quite an empty life. Adrian also developed a habit of routinely abusing one of their sons at a young age. It had been nearly a d
:iconemptyshadow:EmptyShadow 275 288
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United States
Time for something new, eh?

Current Residence: Pennsylvania.
Favourite genre of music: Indie. Acoustic. Rock.
MP3 player of choice: Ipods, though they don't run the best.
Personal Quote: WWJD...what would Jared do?
I'm lost.

I can't even explain it.

But, I'm lost.

What do I make of where I am?


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